Message From CEO

Dear students & guardians,

An education of highest quality is the sublime gift that parants can give to their children. The next global generation will need exceptional academic and intellectual creativity to take on positions of leadership and address many challenges that we face ahead.

We at WBC facilitate students to discover their potentials to assist their dreams come true. The past success records, students performance in the colleges, students & parents satisfaction are the evidences of our success.

We are pledged to live up the arising expectation of parents and setting a benchmark in the field of quality education. All the best for your SEE exam. We are eager to welcome you here.

Roshan Ojha

Message from MD

Dear students and guardians,

In today’s age of globali-zation, the scopes and opportunities in education are expanding day by day. We believe that every student has potential to achieve miracles by exploring their hidden talents.

We at WBC, facilitate students to discover their strengths to make their dreams come true. At WBC, they not only learn the course contents but also build up high level of confidence and leadership quality in their respective field of choice. The past success records, student’s performance in the colleges, parent’s and student’s satisfaction and their recommendation are the evidences of our success. We heartily welcome you at WBC for the foundation of your brightest and winning future.

Mohan Chandra Bakhrel